Gambling and Non-Gambling: Differences in Cash Games

All games for money are gambling. But not all of them are gambling. Any entertainment and recreation are good in moderation. When a player ceases to be aware of his actions, cannot limit financial spending, by borrowing money he wants to recoup – addiction arises.

The phenomenon (games for money) can be treated differently. However, any ban, as you know, is sweet. In addition to opening underground casinos, taking business offshore, this does not lead to anything good.

The degree of excitement depends on the character, upbringing, environment, actions, psychological portrait of a person. In any case, control over oneself, the actions performed, the situation is important.

Gambling and non-gambling

Here we come to the first key difference between gambling and non-gambling – the chance of winning. In online casinos, slots, poker and other similar projects, everything is built around the probability of events “twisted” in a certain direction.

The simple answer – why mathematical expectations and miscalculations are not justified – is a low percentage chance of success. Even if the gameplay is fair, the player has to rely a lot on luck.

Some fans of online poker may argue that the casino (the same roulette) and Texas Hold’em are completely different things. Differences, of course, are present, but the essence of the chance for the final pot does not change.

One thing is the law of chance; completely different – the skill and experience of the player. When players compete through the use of skills, strategies (ceteris paribus), the project cannot be considered gambling. If the winnings depend on the chance, the guaranteed winnings remain with the interested organizer.

How widespread is gambling

The typical portrait of the target audience varies. Depends on the specific project and direction. In online casinos and poker it is one, in multiplayer games it is different, and in mobile entertainment it is third.

In 2020, among teenagers aged 11-16, 39% played gambling-related entertainment (ie, slots, bets, casinos). More than 30% of players at the same age have at least once acquired the right to open a loot box in a video game. And this is despite the existing restriction on participation in such projects not only of minors, but also of older people.

Not gambling – how is it?

There are platforms and developers that provide a platform and a competitive opportunity – with no interest in the outcome. Players, having exactly the same conditions, guided by their own strategy, reaction, skills, identify the strongest.

It can be both battles (1 vs 1) and group confrontations (1 vs X). A commission is taken from each event – this is the main and only income of the owners of such a project. The difference with gambling is obvious.

Online projects of various formats (mobile and card games, MMORPGs, shooters) provide for internal payments – the purchase of game currency, skins, visual effects, virtual shelters). In order to maintain balance in multi-year projects, an advantage that directly affects the gameplay is never sold.

Yet, in a fit of bragging rights and for other reasons, billions of dollars are spent annually on their characters. However, within the framework of the above formula, this is not gambling.

Real win on the skill

Mobile gaming of the described format is considered the fastest growing segment of the gaming market. The reason is equal opportunities, a transparent scheme, extremely simple rules.

I installed the game on my smartphone, soon registered, made a deposit from the linked card and you can start. One of the legal non-gambling platforms is Skillz (with annual revenue of $230 million, up 92% over the year).

Gaming Industry Trends Generate Future Perspectives

The development trend and the population of responsible gaming principles have contributed to the rethinking of the concepts of gambling entertainment. Modern gamblers have begun to understand that games are just entertainment.

Analyzing the current gaming platforms, we can conclude that the Kosmolot online casino is one of the few that provides its customers with a full range of gambling industry services. In difficult times for all, the service not only offers high-quality content, but also attracts new technologies.

Future prospects for the gambling sector, which will be realized after the end of the war through international investment.


Considering the online segment of the gambling business, it becomes clear that users are used to receiving high-quality gaming content on the Internet.

The future development of gambling will depend on market operators, who will have to gradually move towards more European standards. Full digitalization is already the first sign that the domestic gambling business will be able to reach a new level.

The new realities of life forced us to rethink not only the values ​​of life, but also reformatted the usual mode of operation of gaming retail. Gambling entertainment services do their best to provide customers with the most comfortable and unobtrusive way to distract themselves.

Online games have always been in demand among fans to spend their leisure time interestingly and without wasting time. Gambling entertainment on the Internet began to gain its popularity from the end of 2020.

Game resources began to lay the fundamental principles of work, which are aimed at future development and modernization.