Is there a difference between casino and sports betting

Often, people who are fond of gambling say that sports betting and casinos are, in fact, one and the same. To understand whether this is so, first you need to understand what betting, gambling is, and how these concepts differ from each other.

It is also necessary to answer the question, are there any reasons to classify bets in bookmakers as absolutely unpredictable gambling?

What is gambling?

The term “gambling” means almost everything related to gambling. Conventionally, this category can be divided into several large subsections:

  • the games themselves – this includes a variety of card entertainment, slot machines, slots, as well as betting on sports events in various bookmakers;
  •  offices providing services – here, in addition to bookmakers, you can note all kinds of online casinos, poker clubs, etc.

The category of gambling can also include sites intended for holding all gaming events.

Comparison of betting and gambling

It’s worth starting with the fact that both casinos and gambling cover a fairly wide range of entertainment, including betting. However, it is incorrect to consider these terms as synonyms.

If you look in more detail, then betting is designed for gambling people, but they must be able to analyze and predict (if they want to win), which cannot be said, for example, about fans of roulette or gaming slots.

Of course, we should not forget about the players who deliberately turn betting into gambling, but this approach brings a very dubious result. Most bettors bet money on sports by analyzing a lot of statistics and making complex calculations.

From all of the above, we can conclude that if we treat betting as a gambling game with an unpredictable outcome (as in roulette), then the ability to win any significant amount will also depend on a lucky chance.

Gambling and betting: what it is in simple words

Gambling is a traffic arbitrage vertical related to gambling and casinos. An online casino or a product that includes a casino, a bookmaker, and various lotteries acts as a gambling offer. Gambling is a niche for gamblers whose goal is to have fun and tickle their nerves, and maybe make some extra money.

Betting is a vertical dedicated entirely to betting on sports, eSports, and recently other events taking place in the world, the outcome of which is impossible to predict. In the case of betting, the arbitrator promotes bookmakers.

Sometimes gambling and betting are mixed up, but you need to understand that these are completely different verticals and approaches to draining traffic. The general term that unites gambling in traffic arbitrage is igaming. That’s how they denote slightly similar on the outside, but completely different on the inside vertical.

What is the difference between gambling and betting

What is the difference between betting and gambling? here are a few main points:


Betting on sports and other events is officially licensed and allowed in most geos. But gambling, on the contrary, may be prohibited, which causes complications: the user cannot top up the account from a regular bank card or withdraw his winnings.

But you should not think that gambling is a dark subject. In many countries, casinos have long been a form of entertainment.


In other words, earnings that a webmaster or arbitrator can count on. It’s no secret that gambling is the most popular vertical in 2020-21, all because the payout according to cpa can reach $300-400. In betting, the amount is much smaller, and it is accepted to work according to the revshare model.


If the emotions of streamers, news approaches or stories of successful people work in gambling, then the situation is different in betting – you need to know the market well, use sports events in creatives or create an image of a successful capper to drain schematic traffic.

Is the gambling market legal at all?

Absolutely legal and legal, but not in all countries of the world. The stereotype that gambling is “extracting money from the user” is destroyed if you delve a little more seriously into the topic and find out what is happening in the gambling market.

If you calculate the entire niche in millions of dollars, here is what it looks like according to analysts’ forecasts:

A casino license costs about 2 million dollars. A significant amount, however, local providers go to legalization. Firstly, it allows advertising on television and radio, and secondly, it gives access to outdoor advertising.

Finally, thirdly, the brand becomes recognizable and in the media, which is followed by the main influx of players.

That is exactly why the gambling market in most geos is absolutely legal and differs from the opinion that has developed in the domestic mentality that we are used to. European countries have been playing casinos for decades, and you can make money from it.

Gambling is a vertical of gambling: casinos, lotteries and sports betting

Since 2019, a new niche has appeared – betting, which is completely dedicated to betting and working with bookmakers. Gambling is now associated exclusively with lotteries, gambling and other online entertainment with the possibility of winning money.

Gambling is primarily a casino and casino-related offers. Betting is a bookmaker’s office that is promoted due to betting on sports and important sports events.

If we classify gambling “by honesty”, i.e. script and license gambling. Script is a casino in which it is impossible to win. A licensed product of an international operator that meets all requirements and guarantees payment to the defeated player.

If we take the types of gambling by payment models, there are only three of them today: cpa (payment for the first deposit), revshare (percentage of casino profits), hybrid (mixed payment model)

An arbitrageur can earn a good sum from gambling. To do this, you need to choose an affiliate program, an offer, and then pour traffic on it and receive the desired deposits. For each deposit, the arbitrator will receive money – from $20 to $350, depending on the country.

Gambling is absolutely legal. In European countries, casinos are common entertainment, like going to a water park or a restaurant.

There are countries where casino activity is strictly prohibited. But there are many more geos where casinos are legalized. This provides incredible earning opportunities for us arbitrators.