The difference between floor slot machines and slot machines

Slot machine, online slot machine are concepts that every fan of gambling entertainment is familiar with. But is there a difference between them, and what, let’s figure it out.

Classic slot machines

These are integral elements of ground gaming halls, which appeared among the first. They are presented in the form of an overall mechanical device, on the body of which there is a screen, control buttons, levers, gears, mechanical game drums.

Modern cars have been upgraded. Now these are whole complexes with a special gaming chair, having 3D graphics, built-in acoustics and equipped with other features. The latest developments are characterized by the presence of a protected metal case, which includes several elements.

Monitor main or bottom.

This is an infrared display on which the game process takes place, with game reels and symbols displayed on it. Traditionally, these are machines with 5 reels, with 3 game symbols falling out on each of them, and the formation of prize schemes from left to right. In some developments, there may be more than 5 reels, and in them, prize combinations may be formed according to a different scheme.

Additional screen.

Due to the presence of two or even three LCD monitors, exceeding the playing area in area, the game becomes more attractive and lively. Additional screens are designed to display game rules, paytables, promo videos, information about Jackpots, and more.

Control Panel.

The usual buttons, which are inherent in classic machines, are replaced in new developments by an LCD panel with a touch control, inside of which there is a TFT screen.

Game board.

Necessary for storing the main program and game information. Mechanism for accepting banknotes (bill acceptor). Hopper. A device for paying out winnings (can be disk or tape).

Printer for printing receipts.

Card reader (device for reading bank cards for receiving payments). The counter is electromechanical. It is a subsystem that duplicates and stores financial information in case of hacking of electronic media or their damage.

Online slots

They are simulators of land-based slot machines. These are games that are launched not in a land-based casino, but on the site of a gambling establishment on the Internet. The development of online gambling was facilitated by a law prohibiting gambling in real casinos.

But even after its cancellation, online slots have not only not lost their popularity, but, on the contrary, are gaining an increasing number of fans. The gaming process is strictly controlled, the personal information of the players is securely protected using advanced encryption technologies.

In addition, a significant advantage of online slots is the ability to play them through a PC, laptop, mobile device without leaving home. You no longer need to waste time visiting ground-based gambling halls, carry a large amount of money with you. You can become a participant in exciting adventures and have fun in your free time by visiting

They are characterized by high-quality assembly, the use of premium components, compliance with the latest trends in the gambling industry, and modern design. We offer new software with up-to-date game content, high-quality animation and sound. In addition, the basis for the production of gaming machines is absolute security and safety, simplicity, ease of use.

What Players Need to Keep in Mind

Among all people, there are two extremes: some believe that automatons are an absolute evil and should be avoided, while others love them so much that they cannot stop.

In fact, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Do not be afraid of them, for those who like to play, it helps to relax and unwind a little, but it is important to be able to stop.

This can be done, for example, by defining for yourself some kind of limit of money that you can spend. Moreover, the loss of this amount should not cause damage to the overall budget. Thus, the game will bring only pleasure, regardless of the outcome. You can choose any slot machine to your taste and relax.

How the slot machine works

The first automata were purely mechanical, but now any automata work on the basis of computer programs. The number of reels on modern slot machines can be completely different, 3, 5 or more. The entire set of images on each of the machines is called the playing field.

There can also be a different number of paylines, this information is indicated in the rules of each particular slot game. Also, the game can give images of certain characters, each of which has its own meaning. In one game, other mini-games may additionally be offered, as well as various bonus games, for example, to double the winnings.

Combinations of images are due to the theory of random numbers. This means that no matter what the machine is, no matter how hard the user presses the button (and in the case of an online casino, this sounds completely strange), the result will be random every time. It has nothing to do with the results of previous spins and does not affect subsequent spins.

Slot machines are configured in such a way that all the money invested by users is distributed to the winnings of the players and a small percentage of the profit for the casino. Moreover, the percentage that the casino receives is 10% maximum, but often it is less.

User winnings are also beneficial for the casino. In this case, the player will have a positive impression of the game, and there will be a desire to return. Therefore, the fact that it is impossible to win at all is also a myth. Some of the winnings of players in slot machines, both online and offline, are even recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.