What are the types of slot machines

Modern virtual casinos offer players a wide variety of online games. This choice is really great, and it strikes with quality, graphics, thanks to which the players are provided with excellent entertainment.

Almost everyone, even the most demanding player, will find interesting slot machines. An incredible variety of gambling games will not let you get bored! You always get a lot of fun and thrill from playing slot machines in an online casino!

Classic Slots

If you are a conservative player and prefer a real casino with all known and understandable rules, then you will be pleased to try classic slots in virtual casinos. The principle of this slot game is that you have one line of play and you get three pictures in a row, which, if they match, bring you a win.

This version of the slot machine also offers promotional bonuses and different versions of graphics and excellent sound. Classic style guarantees a clear and accessible game without surprises for players.

Fruit machines

The so-called Fruit Machines are one of the most common and popular types of slot machines. In other words, these are slot machines with several pay lines, during which the player gets a chance to win if the pictures with the fruit on which the player places a bet fall in a row.

There are several game options, i.e. the player can choose free slots, where three symbols appear in a row, as well as 4 or 5. It all depends on the preferences of each individual player.

Such fruit slots have a lot of huge advantages, because they are distinguished by colorful graphics, excellent sound, various special effects and the presence of many strategies that really work and provide players with real entertainment, as well as the ability to plan and make the game even more exciting.

Video Slots

The so-called video slots are a modern interpretation of online casino games and slot machines that aim to make online gambling as real as possible. The fact is that bets are placed on real computer slot machines on the screen.

These games of chance usually have five row reels and many lines of play – up to a maximum of 100. They are also very popular among gamers and are often chosen by experienced players.

3D slots

The Sloty 3D version of the virtual casino is one of the most exciting because it has a whole story behind the development of the game.

All bets are made according to a certain story, which is designed to captivate the player and provide more adrenaline and better entertainment. Here you will definitely find very colorful graphics and various 3D special effects that will make you marvel at how events unfold in the game.

Types of slot machines and their features

It is difficult to imagine a modern casino without slot machines. Initially, such equipment was installed in special halls, where players could launch any of the presented slot machines using levers. Thanks to the development of technology, today slot machines are a digital version of slots that are available anywhere in the world. To run them, just use a smartphone or laptop.

Assortment of slot machines in the casino

The classification of slots allows you to greatly simplify the process of finding them. Classic slots remain the most popular, as they are distinguished by simple gameplay and solid payouts. You can launch such slot machines at any convenient time using the website of a reliable casino. A huge number of slot machines from leading developers are presented in one place, which makes betting with their help as simple and exciting as possible.

One of the options for classifying slots is the division by the number of coils:

  • three-drum;
  • five-drum;
  • seven reel machines.

If the player has a three-reel machine, then with a high probability he chose a classic simulator for betting. It uses a traditional three-row and three-reel layout.

Winnings are calculated by dropping identical images, which must take their place on the middle line. A distinctive feature of such a slot is only the presence of a special design style, which may seem retro-oriented to modern players, while experienced gamblers positively perceive the style of these machines.

Modern virtual devices are distinguished by the presence of five coils and a large number of lines. Traditionally, developers place from 5 to 20 lines on the reels, but some slots can contain 100 lines at once. The reels spin separately, and in addition to the main mode, virtual slots can also have bonus rounds. A variety of bonus symbols, including a scatter and a wild symbol, allow you to increase the chances of collecting a paid combination.

Progressive slots are distinguished by the presence of 7 reels, and the number of lines on them starts from 10 pieces. Developers often pay attention to the visual side of such slots, so they look amazing, although special features may be missing.

Regular casino visitors know that you can also find slots with 9 or more reels in the catalog. The layout of the reels on the screen of such slots can be very different. They almost always have free spins and a bonus mode. Some developers go even further and abandon the familiar concept, eliminating the usual paylines for many.

Separately allocate I-slots. This category of machines is produced by Rival. What is their advantage? Players will be invited to watch the development of a full-fledged storyline, which is not the case in other slots. Additional games always take place in new locations and are thematically connected to the main story.